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Nancy Altman endorses the Social Security Expansion Act

Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works, recently released a statement endorsing the Social Security Expansion Act.

“The Social Security Expansion Act is profoundly wise legislation that increases Social Security benefits for all current and future beneficiaries, as well as providing additional targeted benefit increases… Not only is expanding Social Security, financed by requiring the wealthy to pay their fair share, extremely wise policy, it is overwhelmingly supported by voters across the political spectrum. That makes it powerfully winning politics, as well.”

To read more from Altman’s press release, please click here.

Five damaging habits that contribute to early death

Bad habits are hard to break, even when you know you aren’t doing any favors to your health. But as you age, it’s increasingly more important to avoid some of these damaging habits that studies have found linked to premature death. Drinking sugary beverages and eating processed foods A new study, conducted over a 34-year… Continue Reading

Comparing the Social Security Expansion Act and the Social Security 2100 Act

Two Social Security bills – Senator Bernie Sanders’ Social Security Expansion Act and Representative John Larson’s Social Security 2100 Act — have recently been introduced on Capitol Hill. Devin Carroll compares the two bills and explains how the similar bills could act as companion legislation, with Larson’s bill helping the Sanders legislation come to a… Continue Reading

Strengthen & Expand Social Security: Vote November 6th

Let’s send Congress a message on November 6.  Vote.  You many have been reading things in the newspaper and in social media about changes in voting and election laws. It is important to know what your rights are and how to make sure you are registered and able to vote in the upcoming election on… Continue Reading