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Who We Are

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Chadwick R. Gore is the Executive Director of The Seniors Trust and our D.C.-based organization represents hundreds of thousands of supporters across the country.

Through our petition drives, voter education programs, Congressional lobbying activities and nationwide surveys, The Seniors Trust works to defend the financial security of America’s senior citizens and to give voice to the issues that matter most to us:

Increasing benefits

Creating a strong and long-lasting Trust Fund,

Guaranteeing every retired worker receives adequate Social Security benefits and a fair Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA),

And standing up to the greedy Washington politicians raiding our retirement savings, bankrupting our Trust Fund, and robbing seniors of our full and fair benefits.

Protecting and Strengthening the Retirement Security of American Seniors

The Seniors Trust believes American seniors who worked long, hard years faithfully contributing to the Social Security Trust Fund should NEVER be forced to sacrifice, pinch pennies, or go without basic necessities.

Social Security is a sacred contract between every American worker and our government, developed at a time in our history when as many as 35% of seniors fell below the poverty line.

Thanks to the Social Security program, today that number is just 9.7%, as reported by CBPP.org.

But despite the resounding success of Social Security, we still have so far to go.

For one-quarter of Americans over age 65, Social Security comprises at least 90% of their total income during retirement, according to the Public Policy Institute at AARP.org.

Today, the average yearly Social Security benefit for retired workers sits at just below $15,000 — $4,000 above the federal poverty line.

And with the Social Security Trustees estimating the Trust Fund will deplete its surplus as soon as 2034, beneficiaries are facing as much as a 25% benefit loss if nothing is done to reform and strengthen this critical program.

But rather than work towards improving and expanding the most important anti-poverty measure ever enacted by the United States government, our elected officials are finding every excuse to justify cut after cut to the benefits we earned and depend on.

Greedy politicians point toward the approaching insolvency crisis of our Trust Fund, calling Social Security a failure. They say we need aggressive reform to repair a broken system.

But when those greedy politicians say “reform,” what they really mean is cuts — cuts to OUR retirement benefits so THEY can spend more of our money.

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For years greedy politicians in Washington have used OUR retirement savings for their pet projects and government bureaucracy — nearly everything BUT paying the retirement benefits of America’s seniors.

More cuts aren’t the answer. More cuts simply punish seniors for the reckless spending of greedy politicians.

America’s seniors deserve better than this.

Our goal at The Seniors Trust is to work not only to protect seniors’ retirement benefits from this spending, but also expand these benefits for all retirees.

We know Social Security works. We’ve watched it improve the quality of life for millions of America’s seniors for decades.

It’s time for our government to listen to the voices of the American People: we want a long-lasting, dependable Trust Fund and full fair benefits for seniors. It’s time to pass the Social Security Expansion Act. Click here to read the text of the bill.

The Seniors Trust is a program of The Citizen’s Assembly, a nonprofit organization. We’re devoted to protecting and expanding Social Security retirement benefits for every American senior.

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