Best states to live in for older Americans

Best states to live in for older Americans

Where have you always dreamed about spending your golden years. Is it somewhere warm? Somewhere close to family?

24/7 Wall Street analyzed a variety of factors including income, health, education, environment and access to rank the states in order of their attractiveness to the elderly population.

According to these analytics, the top 5 states for older Americans are Colorado, Maryland, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Colorado came in at number 1 after ranking in the top 10 for life expectancy and median income for 65 and older households. Colorado was also near the bottom of the group for 65+ poverty rate and 65+ with a disability.

West Virginia, on the other hand, came in at the very bottom of the list after scoring the lowest in both life expectancy and median income for 65+ households.

One of the most important factors taken into consideration was income. Older Americans who live in more expensive areas may have to work longer before they’re able to comfortably retire.

To see where your state ranks on the list, check out the article below.

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