Americans Call for Increased Social Security Benefits

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Image by Gert Altmann by Pixabay

The people have spoken and it’s clear they want to see bigger Social Security benefits. The Seniors Trust polled a group of senior citizens and found almost unanimous support for expanding Social Security benefits.

The survey asked two questions: “Do you support efforts in Congress to expand Social Security benefits for all eligible Senior Citizens living in the United States of America?” and “Should Congress pass S.478—The Social Security Expansion Act—which gives Seniors a $65 monthly benefits increase and guaranteed annual COLA (cost-of-living adjustment)?” 98.2% of respondents said they were in favor of expanding Social Security benefits and 99.67% said they supported passage of The Social Security Expansion Act.

What do you think? Message The Seniors Trust on Facebook or Twitter and tell us if you agree that seniors deserve bigger benefits. You can help make that happen by signing The Seniors Trust petition to Congress. It calls on members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to serve their constituents — and not the interests of greedy career politicians — by passing The Social Security Expansion Act.