Congress Must Improve the Lives of Retirees

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It is immoral and profoundly unfair to make retired Americans pay for the financial sins of selfish politicians.

But that’s what so many of our representatives do when they deny seniors the benefits they earned.

You can be sure these Washington politicians don’t want to give seniors to receive a $65 a month Social Security raise… they don’t want to guarantee seniors a fair COLA… and they certainly don’t care if their reckless spending bankrupts Social Security.

Retired Americans face unprecedented financial challenges – especially during these unprecedented times. There’s even been talk in Washington about cutting Social Security benefits for millions of vulnerable senior citizens.

The Social Security Expansion Act must be passed to guarantee millions of retired Americans the expanded Social Security benefits senior citizens need and deserve. Congress must move The Social Security Expansion Act onto the floor for an immediate vote to improve the lives of retirees.

Congress needs to understand that a majority of retired Americans support passage of legislation that expands Social Security benefits and improves the lives of senior citizens. 

What Our Legislation Would Mean for Retirees
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ACROSS-THE-BOARD BENEFIT INCREASES: An immediate benefits increase of about $65 per month, effective as soon as this legislation passes.

COLA INCREASES: A better COLA formula will ensure a fair benefits increase each year that keeps up with inflation and other cost increases.

INCREASED MINIMUM BENEFITS:  Higher payments to senior citizens who become eligible for old-age insurance coverage or disability insurance benefits.

ENHANCED SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: The long-term solvency of the Social Security program will be maintained and protected.

Senior Citizens Need Change

Career politicians in Washington are doing a lot of things that hurt retired Americans. Many big-spenders in Washington claim seniors don’t need any help. Maybe you’ve heard them say older Americans need to tighten their belts and should sacrifice for the good of the country. They believe that senior citizens should just “be quiet” and “get out of the way.”

It’s wrong. There’s no other way to describe it.

We can’t remain silent… greedy, career politicians cannot be allowed to rob seniors of the secure retirement they deserve.

That’s why The Seniors Trust – and concerned citizens across the nation – must continue urging Congress to pass The Social Security Expansion Act. This issue is too important to lives and well-being of our seniors.