VIDEO: Social Security FAQs

Image by loufre from Pixabay

More than 64 million Americans collect Social Security, yet very few people fully understand how the program works. Making matters worse, there are unfounded rumors flying around about Social Security. USA Today tackled this tough subject in a Just the FAQs video. It takes about a minute for them to explain why Social Security was created, who can receive it, how it’s funded, and why Congress needs to act right now to ensure Social Security is around for seniors.

The Seniors Trust is working hard on behalf of retirees. This grassroots project is committed to securing passage of the Social Security Expansion Act. Through our efforts, petition drives, and voter outreach programs, The Seniors Trust works to defend the financial security of America’s senior citizens. If passed, this landmark legislation will increase Social Security benefits, create a strong and long-lasting Trust Fund, and guarantee retirees adequate Social Security benefits and a fair Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA).

You can show Congress that you support seniors and want to secure their financial future by signing our petition. Please do so before it’s too late!

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