Is Social Security Unique to the United States?

US flag
Image by D William from Pixabay

Many people think Social Security is unique to the United States. The truth is that almost every country – 177 out of 190 to be exact – offers some sort of Social Security program to its citizens. The United States was actually rather late to the game. Our Social Security program did not start until the 1930’s.

Social Security reporter Tom Margenau explored this worldwide phenomenon and discovered “…countries around the world recognize their citizens must come together as a caring society to provide some kind of base of support to older people; people with disabilities; and widows, widowers and orphaned children. And the mechanism all these countries use to make sure this happens is Social Security.”

This is why it is more important than ever that we work to bolster America’s Social Security program to ensure it’s there for today’s retirees and future generations. The best way to help make this happen is by joining The Seniors Trust in supporting the Social Security Expansion Act. Once passed, this legislation will make four major changes to Social Security for retirees: increase monthly benefits; establish a fair COLA; reduce senior poverty; and guarantee the long-term solvency of the Social Security program.