Why we need the Social Security Expansion Act

Some people in Washington want to cut your Social Security benefits and use your retirement money to pay for their reckless fiscal policies…

…and we need to stop them before it’s too late.

If we can force Congress to pass The Social Security Expansion Act, Seniors will be guaranteed a $65 monthly raisea fair COLA… and expanded Social Security benefits.

When this historic legislation becomes law — millions of retired Americans like you will finally receive:

ACROSS THE BOARD BENEFIT INCREASES — Providing an immediate benefits increase of about $65 a month. And it goes into effect as soon as The Social Security Expansion Act passes.

COLA INCREASES — Using an improved formula that guarantees you a fair COLA every year, keeps up with inflation, and compensates you for other cost increases.

INCREASED MINIMUM BENEFITS — Providing higher payments to senior citizens who become eligible for old-age insurance or disability insurance benefits.

ENHANCED SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS — Mostly importantly this legislation ensures the long-term solvency of the Social Security program.

Instead of helping to improve the lives of senior citizens…. greedy politicians are bankrupting our nation and robbing us of our hard-earned Social Security money.

They don’t want to give you your $65 a month Social Security raise…

They don’t want to give you a fair COLA…

And they certainly don’t care if their reckless spending bankrupts Social Security…

Frankly, it’s disgraceful that these so-called “Public Servants” are forcing retired Americans like you and me to pay for their reckless financial policies.

We need to show Congress that retired Americans won’t remain silent… that we won’t let them take away our Social Security money… and that we won’t give up until they finally pass The Social Security Expansion Act.

A lot of big-spenders in Washington claim that seniors don’t need any help. 

They say we’re greedy… that we have it too good… and that we should sacrifice for the good of the country.  They believe that senior citizens should just “be quiet” and “get out of the way.”

Well… you and I both know that’s nothing but an outrageous lie.

Most retired Americans live on a fixed income and count on their monthly Social Security check just to survive.

It’s up to us to force Congress to pass legislation that guarantees:

  • A $65 a month raise on your Social Security check …
  • A fair COLA that keeps up with inflation…
  • Enhanced benefits that protect the financial future of all senior citizens and ensure the long-term solvency of the Social Security program…

We can’t let those greedy, career politicians rob us of the secure retirement we deserve.

If the greedy politicians kill The Social Security Expansion Act, millions of retired Americans could lose the benefits guaranteed by this historic legislation. 

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