Beware! Experts Warn Another COVID-19 Spike is Coming Soon

Image by ExergenCorporation from Pixabay

Now that cooler weather is here, health experts predict coronavirus cases could soon spike – especially with the highly contagious delta variant still circulating. A public health expert told Deseret News now is not the time to let your guard down. She expects cases to surge in the weeks and months to come and urges everyone to get vaccinated. She says vaccination is crucial to keeping people safe from COVID-19.

The flu is another concern. An infectious disease expert warned of the pending “twindemic,” with COVID and the flu converging at once. Because flu was practically non-existent last year (due to people wearing face masks and quarantining), many in the medical field fear it will come back with a vengeance this year.

Public health experts and doctors agree, the best way to protect you – and your loved ones – from both the flu and COVID-19 this season is to get vaccinated. Both shots are readily available at pharmacies and health clinics.

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