It’s High Time Seniors Get the Secure Retirement They Earned

A woman with a concerned look on her face
Image: Pixabay

As we enter the second half of 2021 – and hopefully continue to put the pandemic behind us – it’s time to focus on the future. For millions of older Americans that means fixing the issues plaguing Social Security. The solution is right before our eyes – the Social Security Expansion Act.

When this historic piece of legislation becomes law, retired Americans will finally get what they so rightfully deserve:

  • Across-the-board benefit increases starting with an immediate $65 a month benefit increase
  • Increased COLA using a formula that guarantees a fair cost-of-living increase each and every year that not only keeps up with inflation but compensates seniors for other cost increases they face, namely healthcare
  • Increased minimum benefits for seniors eligible for old-age or disability benefits
  • Social Security solvency through enhanced benefits to ensure the long-term solvency of this critical program

How to Make it Happen

This can all become a reality if members of Congress actually listen – and act upon – what their constituents want. A recent survey by The Seniors Trust showed unanimous support for passage of the Social Security Expansion Act. A stunning full 100% of respondents said lawmakers should pass this legislation. When probed deeper, 98.2% of those surveyed said they support efforts in Congress to expand Social Security benefits for all eligible senior citizens living in this country. 

The time has come. We need to do a better job of taking care of all of the older Americans who worked long, hard years faithfully contributing to the Social Security Trust Fund. They should not be forced to sacrifice, pinch pennies, or go without basic necessities during their retirement years yet that’s exactly what many are being forced to do because our politicians are not stepping up to do what’s right. Seniors deserve a secure retirement.

Please join The Seniors Trust in imploring lawmakers to finally pass the Social Security Expansion Act. You can show your support by signing their petition to Congress. It will take just a minute of your time but could provide long-lasting financial support for senior citizens now and in the future.