Check Out This Social Security Benefit Calendar

Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay

The majority of retired Americans rely on Social Security to provide the bulk of their monthly income. In fact, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities discovered that one out of every two seniors relies on Social Security to provide at least 50% of their income – and Social Security benefits provide at least 90% of income for about one in four seniors. With so many older Americans depending upon their Social Security benefits to get by every month, it’s important that they know exactly when to expect their benefit check.

The Social Security Administration published a calendar listing all of the payment dates for 2021. Benefit payment days vary based upon your birth date. For example, if your birthday is the 15th of a month, your benefits will be paid on the third Wednesday of each month.

Seniors would not be so dependent on timely benefit payments if they received a fair amount. The Seniors Trust is pushing for passage of the Social Security Expansion Act. This legislation calls for an increase in minimum Social Security benefits to provide higher payments to seniors. Once passed, most recipients will receive an additional $65 a month in benefits.

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