The Seniors Trust presents our Senate Social Security Scorecard

The Seniors Trust recently mailed out Senate Social Security Scorecards to show our donors one of the crucial voter education tools we could lose if our campaign to pass S. 478 — the Social Security Expansion Act — is canceled.

We can’t afford to miss our chance to pressure Congress to pass S. 478 to get seniors a $65 a month raise, a guaranteed Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), and enhanced benefits.

If our campaign is canceled, we’ll lose powerful tools like our Senate Social Security Scorecard to help ensure every citizen is informed when they go to polls.

Our Senate Scorecards make clear which politicians voted to help seniors — and which politicians are likely to oppose S. 478.

With our scorecard as a part of our larger campaign, we can apply massive pressure on Congress to pass S.478.

Seniors deserve an additional $65 a month in Social Security along with a guaranteed cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that keeps up with the rising costs seniors face day in and day out.

The information we’ve compiled on our scorecard is invaluable to seniors who plan to vote in the upcoming elections.

We’ve reviewed the voting record of each member of the Senate to create our Social Security Scorecard.

Politicians will need to decide whether they’ll follow through with their promises to seniors — or face informed voters in the primaries and general election.

Without our game-changing nationwide campaign to pass S.478 and inform voters, seniors may never get all the benefits S.478 — The Social Security Expansion Act — guarantees. This legislation will:

  • Revise the benefit formula which will result in an average increase in benefits of $65 a month…
  • Ensure a fair cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) which will accurately reflect the living expenses of retirees…
  • And improve the wellbeing of seniors by significantly reducing the senior poverty rate.

Primary season is just getting underway and our scorecards are a crucial piece of our legislative campaign.

Our Senate Social Security Scorecards will apply pressure on our Senators to vote how seniors want them to…

…because they’ll know we’re keeping track of how they vote and we’ll remember their choices on Election Day.

Check out our Senate Social Security Scorecard below:

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