Benefits of the Social Security Expansion Act

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Image: Pixabay

Senior citizens deserve a $65 a month Social Security raise, a fair COLA that keeps up with inflation every single year, and enhanced benefits.

Seniors worked hard all their lives, contributed to the Social Security system, and were promised a secure retirement. But so many politicians want to make retired Americans pay for the reckless spending in Washington.

That’s why we must pass The Social Security Expansion Act – so millions of retired Americans can finally receive the expanded Social Security benefits they need and deserve.

If our legislation is passed, most seniors can expect:

ACROSS-THE-BOARD BENEFIT INCREASES: Provides an immediate benefits boost of about $65 per month. (And this would go into effect as soon as our legislation is passed.)

COLA INCREASES: Utilizes an improved formula that guarantees a fair COLA each and every year, keeping up with inflation, and compensating for other cost increases.

INCREASED MINIMUM BENEFITS:  Institutes higher payments to retirees who become eligible for old-age insurance coverage or disability insurance benefits.

ENHANCED SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: Crucially The Social Security Expansion Act ensures the long-term solvency of the Social Security system.

If you support the passage of The Social Security Expansion Act, please sign our petition to Congress.

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