10 Signs of COVID-19, Even for the Vaccinated

Image by Mojpe from Pixabay

Despite being vaccinated, thousands of people are now testing positive for COVID-19. Although rare, these so-called breakthrough cases are still cause for concern. So far, evidence shows the vaccine is doing its job and preventing people from contracting severe cases of COVID-19, resulting in hospitalization (or worse, death), but patients are still feeling some of the coronavirus symptoms. With these milder cases, it’s sometimes difficult for people to know if they have COVID-19 or if they are just suffering from seasonal allergies or a common cold. Good Housekeeping spoke to leading doctors and gathered a list of ten symptoms you should watch out for ranging from fever and chills to vomiting or vertigo.

According to Good Housekeeping, if a person is experiencing any of the symptoms cited, especially loss of taste and smell, doctors recommend a COVID-19 test. For mild symptoms, they say to “treat each symptom as it arises while resting at home.” However, if you start experiencing severe symptoms, such as “difficulty breathing or being unable to draw steady breath,” then doctors say you should contact emergency services.

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