Scientists Are Looking Into a COVID Crystal Ball – Here’s What They See

Image: CDC

Now, nearly two years into the coronavirus pandemic, it seems apparent COVID-19 is not going away. According to a NBC News report, scientists say it may soon become endemic. Basically, that means it will continue to circulate with lower and more predictable case numbers. COVID will likely become just another virus we learn to live with, like influenza (the flu).

Health experts say the key to keeping it under control will be vaccinations, especially for the vulnerable population, and masking and occasional social distancing. Reducing the number of cases is the best chance we have of COVID becoming endemic. A virus becomes endemic as people develop immunity either through vaccination or infection. Waning immunity keeps the virus from dying out completely. 

Officials caution that it typically takes a few years for a viral pathogen to change from pandemic to endemic. Pfizer predicted that COVID will be endemic by 2024. Let’s hope it’s sooner than that.

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