Tips On How To Best Store Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card On Your Phone

Image by Justinite from Pixabay

Depending upon where you live or travel, you may be required to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19. In some cities it’s even required to enter restaurants. Carrying your vaccine card around in your wallet is not ideal – it could easily be lost or damaged. A better option is to store a copy on your cell phone. The tech-experts at CNET looked into some of the apps available as well as provided detailed instructions on how you can save a copy to your photo album or notes.   

Apps: Certain states – and even cities – have their own vaccination card apps. If yours does not, CNET suggests storing a copy of your card in your Apple Wallet if you have an iPhone or in the Google Pay app if you have an android device.

Camera: The CDC recommends keeping a picture of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card in your phone as a backup. You can use the phone’s camera app to take a picture and store it to the camera roll, notes app or a folder. To get a clear image, make sure you are in a well-lit area and put the card on a dark surface. Be sure the dates and details are legible.

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