Use This Day of Service To Help Seniors

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is observed on the third Monday in January. It recognizes the Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy. MLK Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service. AmeriCorps calls it “a day on, not a day off” and encourages Americans to spend this day volunteering to improve their communities.

Dr. King believed in the power of community service. He famously said, “Everyone can be great because everybody can serve.” The MLK Day of Service brings people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities together to participate in service, especially projects that have a lasting impact. To find a volunteer opportunity for MLK Day – or any day – you can use AmeriCorps’ search tool.  

One simple thing you can do that will make a lasting impact on seniors this day and every day is to sign The Seniors Trust petition. It calls on Congress to pass the Social Security Expansion Act. This landmark piece of legislation will give seniors an immediate benefits increase of about $65 a month, a fair annual COLA, and increased minimum benefits, plus it will ensure the long-term solvency of the Social Security program. Showing your support for this bill is one act of service that will make a lasting difference.

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