CAUTION: Don’t Let These Speed Bumps Stand In The Way Of Your Next Road Trip

Image by Negative Space

It used to be that airplane tickets or hotel rooms were the most expensive part of travel, but not anymore! Good Morning America found that this summer’s surge in leisure travel is helping drive the nationwide rental car shortage and higher prices at the gas pump aren’t helping things any. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these speed bumps:

Be Flexible: Travel experts say the key to finding a rental car will be flexibility. Consider picking up the car on a weekday instead of weekend or looking for on off-airport location. Be flexible with your desired vehicle as well. Some travelers are resorting to renting U-Hauls and cargo vans, while others are trying peer-to-peer platforms that let you rent a car from its owner – think of it as Airbnb but for cars.

Budget: If you are planning on hitting the road, be sure to budget for higher gas prices which are topping $3 per gallon across most of the country.

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