Coronavirus Conclusion? Find Out What the Future Holds for COVID-19

Learn what experts predict for the future of COVID-19. What will life be like after the coronavirus pandemic.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Experts have pretty much agreed that COVID-19 is here to stay. It’s expected to become endemic, much like the common cold and the flu. A public health scholar told Fortune that COVID-19 will likely still be circulating in ten years, but it will have stopped being a public health emergency long before then.

Although no one can predict exactly what COVID-19 will look like in the future, experts are looking at seasonal coronaviruses and influenza for a benchmark. While they say cases will still be prevalent, there should no longer be large surges of people who end up in the hospital or with severe disease. And the concern over hospital capacity we are currently experiencing should be gone.

The expert told the magazine that refined vaccines will be available for all ages and could even be incorporated into routine childhood immunization schedules in the coming years. He added that antiviral treatments for mild disease will be widely available, as will at-home diagnostic tests.

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