Here’s the Best Way to Protect Your Social Security Card

Social Security card
Image: SSA.gov

You might want to think twice before laminating your Social Security card. Sure, it sounds like a great way to protect it from getting damaged, but you could be doing more harm than good. According to a report by WYTV, the Social Security Administration says do not laminate your card because it could cover up the card’s security features.

Depending upon when your card was issued, it may feature different security features to protect it from counterfeiting. For instance, cards from 1983 could have a tamper-proof background, color-shifting ink, engraved text, or an anti-copy pattern that shows up if you try to photocopy the card, among other security features. Newer cards might have your Social Security number printed in red fluorescent ink on the back.

Instead of laminating your card, officials recommend you put it in a baseball card sleeve or some other removable plastic case to protect it. And don’t panic if you did laminate your card. It’s not illegal, but some places may not accept it as a valid form of identification.

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